Charlotte Bronte was surely my muse,
Through her books as a child did I cruise.
She shaped my world,
Through hers, mine unfurled,
Enlightened by dark Yorkshire views.

There are others, of course, I must say,
Each one shaped my mind day by day.
They made me smile,
Made me think for a while,
Raised questions, quite come what may.

If I can, each day I will write,
Expand on thoughts, night after night.
In the study I’ll ponder,
As I let my pen wander,
With concepts, I’ll wrestle and fight.

Why do I like to write?
Why do it till late in the night?
Well, it gives me freedom,
It builds my own Eden.
Quite simply, it helps shine a light.

What do I normally write?

Tales that scare you or give you a fright,
Tales that turn you quite blue,
Whether fiction or true,
Tales of love and of passion and blight.

So why Noah, I now hear you say?
He was noble - kept fears at bay.
He took care of them all -
Creatures great and quite small,
Saved the world - at least till today!

And what do I hope to achieve?
I’d like others in life to believe.
I’d like them to smile,
And to sit for a while,
As I try a new world to bequeath.

by Elise Harter

Elise Harter ©all rights reserved