Reviews of My First Published Story

  • "This story made me wonder what it's like to be a caterpillar." Charlie, aged 6
  • "Noah and the caterpillars is about the Bible story, Noah's Ark, from the perspective of a caterpillar called Charlie. Charlie is on the ark with all his animal friends when he feels tired and goes to sleep. But when he wakes up he is suddenly a beautiful, brilliant butterfly! A funny, cheerful little book." Imogen, aged 10
  • "A very intriguing and original perspective on a story as old as time. Elise draws us into the journey of the smallest creature, and in doing so helps us to discover more layers in the tale. Look forward to more!" Aimee, reader and aunt
  • "An excellent anthology - the stories well-written  & some most imaginative. I would have loved to read them to my students when I taught in a C.of E. Primary School." retired primary school teacher
  • "I am delighted to recommend this book and I do so warmly. It is a fresh and imaginative re-telling of Bible stories for children and I am sure that these stories will capture their interest and keep them spellbound. In addition they will learn a lot in an interesting and fun way. I can thoroughly recommend it." Jean Mayland