An Extract from the Adventures of Charlie the Caterpillar
 by Elise Harter


"Let’s see, two giraffes, two elephants, two chimpanzees, two monkeys, two zebras, two….”

Noah’s voice echoed in Charlie’s head. As a caterpillar, he wasn’t sure he had ears, but he certainly got the message.
He remained motionless as Noah ran first left and then right, encouraging various pairs of animals to take their place in the great ark.

“And what about caterpillars?” blurted out Charlie, “Two of us too? Even the yellow and black spotted ones?”

With the wind whistling in his ears, Noah didn’t hear him.

I really should get in touch with the Insects’ Rights Movement one of these days,
Charlie thought to himself. Lions, tigers, dogs, cats….Oh yes, help out the big handsome ones, why don’t you, but what about us?

Charlie’s self-pity didn’t last for long.

“Want to jump on my back?” puffed Terry the Tortoise, lowering himself to the ground to help Charlie climb on board. As he scampered up, Terry smiled at the rabbit standing in front of them on its hind legs, paws folded, left foot tapping, waiting impatiently for him to edge forwards...."

'Noah and the Caterpillars' is written from the perspective of
Charlie the Caterpillar, whose adventures begin when he is carried away by a flood of creatures, convinced that they must quickly board Noah's Ark in order to survive. It is featured in an anthology of children's Bible stories entitled, 'Disasters and Miracles: How It Might Have Been.'